Tamuril Skye & Café Octane


Tamuril Skye & Café Octane

Tamuril Skye Cosplay and Café Octane Cosplay (Robin and John Laska) are humbled and excited to be cosplay guests at Spring Geequinox 2020!

There's no getting around it: these two LOVE cosplay, in all its many shapes and sizes. This award-winning, dynamic duo from Truro, NS are rarely seen apart. They often do couples' costumes, and have had a blast showing their love for stories such as "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Tron: Legacy", and Studio Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle."

When it comes to Cosplay, Robin and John subscribe to the philosophy that "Cosplay is For Everyone." Robin and John are living, breathing proof that big dreams and tiny budgets can absolutely go hand-in-hand! Robin's grand ideas and masterful thrifting powers, combined with John's full-fat MacGyver skills and can-do attitude, have made this pair a perfect match. They love to learn new skills and new concepts, no matter how unconventional, to make costumes come to life.

So come on out and support your local cons, support your local artists and vendors, get your geek on, and say hi. Robin and John would love to meet some new friends!


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