Ellysetta Rain


Ellysetta Rain

Ellysetta Rain is a Moncton-based cosplayer who loves making new friends! She loves to create large gowns and above all, cosplaying in groups. Some of her best known cosplays are Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Belldandy from Ah My Goddess.

Some of her others include Mera from Aquaman, Sakura from Card Captors, and Emily from Corpse Bride. She describes herself as a fun-loving Socially Awkward Penguin who loves to talk about all things nerdy, especially anime and video games.

She is currently working on some new projects such as Merida from Disney's Brave, She-ra from the new animated She-ra, and Princess Anna from Frozen 2. She is very honoured to be coming back to Geequinox this year and is excited to see you all again! <3


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