Byron Fortin

Independent Author

Byron Fortin

Byron Fortin is an author of fantasy, suspense, and supernatural fiction residing in Halifax, NS. Springing onto the scene in 2016 with his first book, Through the Psyche of Ambrosia, he has since released three others in his ongoing series, Worlds Beyond Scripture, available today through most retailers. His latest effort, Two if by Dark Reverie, released in 2019, with signings held at Chapters Indigo to coincide with the launch. Volume 5 in this epic dark fantasy series is set to arrive in late 2020, alongside something a little different; a standalone novel, based on a real life, coming of age story.

The first two entries of the Worlds Beyond Scripture are also available for download on, and the third is on the way.

Welcome to Worlds Beyond Scripture...

We are all a bit broken inside, and that's alright. But what if I told you there's a reason why?

Join in the seance, made to raise the Guardian from out the abyss... but beware the demons of the nightly order, who seek to surmount those who would bring this prophecy about, and bend it to their own means.

Time is running out.

The sands fast slip through the hourglass. Can Regina solve the mystery of the voices haunting Ambrosia?

Or will he fall victim to the night of thinnest veil, propelled further down the spiral that ends in a complete breakdown of his reality? To provoke the spirit world means to suffer a mind of madness, still the runes foretell a choice to be made...


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