Larry Gent


Larry Gent

Larry Gent is a bottomless well of knowledge on historical wars from worlds that are, sadly, fictional. An Ottawa-Halifax based author, Larry Gent, has published numerous books. His first book was the award winning "Never Been to Mars". He has since published many other works including "New Game+" in the VCO series and "Lightyears to go Before I Sleep" in the Avalon Lost setting, just to name a few.

He is also a game designer, publishing several Dungeons and Dragons supplements including his "Warlock's Guide to Patron" series and his "Sidekicks For Hire" series. Larry is a freelance writer who has also appeared on several podcasts. He is also a public speaker, giving talks across the country at cons and schools.

When he isn't pursuing his childhood dream of being a noir detective or a TARDIS Repair Man (It's like a VCR repair man just you watch the movie in reverse), he lives with his wife Valerie and his owner, Zid the Cat.

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